29 January 2011

When Suzae was Bored.....

She'll play the game!
Check out what's Suzae favorite game 

Suzae loves to play Tumblebugs :)

Suzae was fall in love with this games since 2008. She likes to play Tumblebugs because Tumblebugs are very colorful and cool. She never tired play Tumblebugs :p 

Ahaa...Burger Shop!! This game has made her crazy too! 

Suzae has a secret that she wants to tell you. Actually, she will play this game to any level until get perfect score and then continue to the next level :p

Wink your eyes if you like this game..hehe :) Many of Suzae classmate loves to play ZombieVsPlants PlantsVsZombie! Boys and girls like it. Omar also like it. Don't forget to wink your eyes too!

Brains..brains..brains..Zombie has scared Suzae!She hopes zombies do not exist. LOL. 

Omar also loves game. He was addicted gamers. Next we check out what's Omar favorite game